The only FIX approved in the US for 14-day dosing, IDELVION delivers greater freedom from infusions

IDELVION extends time between doses with long-lasting protection

Powerful protection that achieved zero bleeds (median annualized spontaneous bleeding rate [AsBR]) in clinical trials.

*Appropriate people 12 years and older may be eligible for 14-day dosing. Talk with your doctor.

14-day dosing with high-level protection
21% FIX levels with prophylactic use

IDELVION keeps your factor levels high and sustained for powerful bleed protection

IDELVION delivers high factor levels with a single dose—above 5% over 14 days. With continued use, factor levels reach even higher—21% with prophylactic use at steady state.1,†‡

†Average FIX levels with 7-day dosing over 92 weeks in clinical trials.
‡Steady state is a consistent and uniform amount of factor in the body from continued use.

IDELVION extends time between doses by staying active in your body longer

IDELVION has a longer half-life than traditional FIX treatments. This is why it can be taken once every 14 days in appropriate people 12 years and older. In clinical trials:

  • The half-life of IDELVION was almost 4.5 times longer than the previously used FIX products§
  • The half-life of IDELVION was based on a single dose of 50 IU/kg in adults (≥18 years)

What is half-life?
Half-life measures how long it takes for the activity level of your infused factor to drop by 50%. A longer half-life means that the drug is active in your body for a longer time.

IDELVION provides a half-life of 104 hours

§Previous FIX products refers to plasma-derived or recombinant FIX for either on-demand treatment (n=23) or prophylaxis (n=40).2

Median of zero bleeds in prophylaxis with IDELVION

IDELVION in prophylaxis: ZERO bleeds

The main treatment for hemophilia B is preventive, or prophylactic, therapy. Routine infusions help replace the FIX that's missing in your blood to help prevent bleeding.

When dosed every 7 or 14 days, IDELVION had a ZERO median annualized spontaneous bleeding rate (AsBR).

When dosed at 14 days, IDELVION had an interquartile range, or IQR, of 0 to 1 bleed (IQR at 7 days was 0 to 0). IQR looks at the middle 50% of people in a clinical study and is used as a more accurate measure of expected range.

IDELVION with on-demand: effective control

On-demand treatment means using IDELVION to stop bleeding only when it occurs.

When used as needed for on-demand control, IDELVION successfully resolved the majority of bleeds with a single infusion.

Effective on-demand control

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