How IDELVION is dosed and stored

IDELVION can be used as a a prophylactic (preventive) treatment, which offers a customizable dosing regimen, and an administration schedule of once every 7 or 14 days:

  • 25-40 IU/kg once every 7 days
  • 50-75 IU/kg once every 14 days*

Your dose will be determined by your age, doctor's judgment, your factor levels, and your history with hemophilia B. Also speak with your doctor if you have questions about on-demand treatments.

*Once well-controlled, people 12 years and older can be transitioned to 14-day dosing. Talk with your doctor.

IDELVION vial sizes

IDELVION has a range of vial sizes to better fit your dosing schedule.

IDELVION 250 IU vial size 250 IU Fill size color indicator: Orange
IDELVION 500 IU vial size 500 IU Fill size color indicator: Blue
IDELVION 1000 IU vial size 1000 IU Fill size color indicator: Green
IDELVION 2000 IU vial size 2000 IU Fill size color indicator: Purple

Images are representations, not depictions of actual vials.

Storage of IDELVION

Can be stored at room temperature

Store at 36°F–77°F (2°C–25°C). Do not freeze.

Do not use beyond the expiration date on the IDELVION carton and vial labels

Store vial in original carton to protect from light

How to reconstitute IDELVION

To learn how to use the Mix2Vial® Transfer Set for IDELVION, watch the video below or download the Reconstitution Instructional Guide.

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