IDELVION: The Only Extended Half-life Factor IX Therapy That Delivers

#1 FACTOR IX CHOICE When Changing Therapy
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*Zero median annualized spontaneous bleeding rate when dosed at 7 or 14 days in clinical trials.

In appropriate people 12 years and older. Talk with your doctor.

Average FIX levels with 7-day dosing over 92 weeks in clinical trials.

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I'm glad I switched to IDELVION. Having that protection and that peace of mind has been everything to me.

Why Tony chooses IDELVION to stay protected.

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Considering switching FIX therapies?

IDELVION offers a wide variety of resources to help people with hemophilia B.

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References: 1. Hemophilia FIX Market Assessment, Third-Party Market Research. 2. Data on file. Available from CSL Behring as DOF IDL-002.

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