With IDELVION’s extended dosing options, you and your doctor can find the right dosing schedule for you

IDELVION 14-day-dosing schedule

Prophylaxis in adults and adolescents 12 years and older:

  • Start every 7 days—infuse at 25–40 IU/kg
  • Move to every 14 days*—infuse at 50–75 IU/kg

Prophylaxis in children younger than 12 years old:

  • Dose every 7 days—infuse at 40–55 IU/kg

Your doctor will choose the regimen that’s right for you based on your clinical condition and response.

For detailed information about on-demand and surgical dosing, consult the prescribing information.

*Once well controlled (1 month without spontaneous bleeding or requiring dose adjustments on a weekly dose of ≤40 IU/kg), people 12 years and older can be transitioned to 14-day dosing.

Ray on transitioning from on-demand to 14-day dosing

“Before, I couldn’t see sticking myself two to three times a week. Now I’m treating every 14 days to prevent bleeds.”


IDELVION has a large range of vial sizes, which may mean fewer vials per infusion

250 IU
500 IU
1000 IU
2000 IU
3500 IU

Images are representation, not depiction of actual vials.

Flexible storage

  • Refrigerate or store at room temperature (36°F–77°F)
  • Keep vials in original carton and out of light
  • Use IDELVION before the expiration date listed on the carton and vials
Doctor Discussion Guide

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How to reconstitute IDELVION

To learn how to use the Mix2Vial® Transfer Set for IDELVION, watch the video below or download the Reconstitution Instructional Guide.

Mix2Vial® is a registered trademark of West Pharma. Services IL, Ltd., a subsidiary of West Pharmaceuticals Services, Inc.

Recombinant IX fusion protein

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