IDELVION—the only FDA-approved long-acting recombinant Factor IX (FIX) albumin fusion protein

IDELVION keeps FIX in your body longer, so it can be used when it's needed to control bleeds

Recombinant IX fusion protein

IDELVION uses recombinant albumin. Albumin, a protein that can be found naturally in your body, is known for its long half-life.


Recombinant Factor IX (rFIX) is linked to the recombinant albumin and remains active until it's needed to control a bleed.


When a bleed occurs, the linker connecting recombinant albumin and rFIX in IDELVION is separated, activating the rFIX to stop the bleeding.

UP TO 14-day dosing with high-level protection

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*In appropriate people 12 years and older. Talk with your doctor.

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