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We understand managing your condition in a cost-effective manner can be challenging. That’s why we created the My Access® co-pay program for IDELVION. This program may cover up to $12,000 of annual out-of-pocket expenses associated with your IDELVION therapy. If you have US-based private insurance that covers therapy, you may be eligible.

How do I get started?

It's simple. Call 1-800-676-4266 to speak with an IDELVION My SourceSM Care Coordinator and ask about the My Access® co-pay program. We'll help you figure out next steps. Or, to get started right away, print and fill the enrollment form below. Follow the instructions on it, and we'll contact you.


What do I get?

If eligible, you may receive up to $12,000 a year toward out-of-pocket expenses associated with IDELVION therapy.* You'll also be re-enrolled in the program annually.

*Terms and conditions apply

What does this cover?

This program covers only the costs directly associated with the purchase of IDELVION. Services such as nursing and infusion services are not covered under this program.

Where can I purchase IDELVION under this program?

IDELVION must be purchased from eligible sites, such as specialty pharmacies, hemophilia treatment centers, and outpatient hospital services.

Am I eligible?

The IDELVION My Access program is available to US residents with a private commercial insurance plan (US based). Those covered by state- or federally funded programs are not eligible; these programs include, but are not limited to, Medicare, Medicaid, PCIP, Champus, TriCare, veterans health insurance, and any other state- or federally funded program.

Since the IDELVION My Access program only covers medication and not medical services, there should be no state-specific restrictions to your eligibility.

I’m a caregiver. Is my child eligible?

Yes. Both adults and children can enroll in the IDELVION My Access program.

I have more questions. What can I do?

Call 1-800-676-4266 to speak with an IDELVION My SourceSM Care Coordinator right away. We can answer any other questions you may have about the My Access program.

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