IDELVION delivers greater freedom from infusions
and protection of increased factor levels

IDELVION extends time between doses with long-lasting protection

IDELVION is the only FDA-approved Factor IX therapy that lets you go up to two weeks between doses—while still maintaining high factor levels and prolonged bleed protection. Explore what 14-day* dosing with IDELVION can do for you.

*Appropriate people 12 years and older may be eligible for 14-day dosing. Talk with your doctor.

UP TO 14-day dosing with high-level protection

IDELVION keeps your factor levels high and sustained for powerful bleed protection

IDELVION delivers high factor levels with a single dose—above 5% over 14 days. With continued use, factor trough levels reach even higher—21% with prophylactic use at steady state.1,†‡

What are factor trough levels?
Steady state trough levels reflect the low point factor levels reach between doses. Having consistently high factor levels even at the lowest point between doses ensures appropriate protection.

Average FIX levels with 7-day dosing over 92 weeks in clinical trials.

Steady state is a consistent and uniform amount of factor in the body from continued use.

21% FIX trough levels
Hemophilia B patient John smiling

It's the peace of mind I get having higher factor levels; it gives me a lot of confidence.

-John, on why high factor levels are essential as a police officer

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With a long half-life IDELVION extends time between doses

What is half-life?

Half-life measures how long it takes for the activity level of your infused factor to drop by 50%. A longer half-life means that the drug is active in your body for a longer time.

Why is a half-life of 104 hours important?

The half-life of IDELVION allows for up to 14 days between infusions in appropriate people 12 years and older.

IDELVION provides a half-life of 104 hours
IDELVION Recombinant FIX fusion protein

IDELVION extends half-life using albumin fusion technology

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Reference: 1. Data on file. Available from CSL Behring as DOF IDL-002.

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